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Have You Frozen or Donated Eggs?

We'd Like to Hear from You!


The OVADO Project is a study being conducted by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, University of Alabama, and our research collaborators in Spain. The project examines people's decisions and experiences surrounding egg donation and fertility preservation ("egg freezing"). We are interested in how people from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities access and experience fertility-related care for different purposes. We plan to use the information gained from this study to help provide people considering egg donation or egg freezing with more information about the process and potential risks and benefits, as well as to inform fertility professionals on inclusive best practices of care.

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Why join this study?

Your participation will help improve information available to people considering egg donation and/or egg freezing about immediate and long-term risks and benefits. Information gained from this study can also help fertility professionals better understand the needs of diverse communities.

Will my privacy be protected?

Yes. We understand that privacy is important to you and the information you provide is personal. As trained researchers we go to great lengths to protect your privacy.


Who can participate?

Women, transgender, and non-binary  people with ovaries who have donated eggs, are about to donate eggs, or have frozen their eggs for their own future use are welcome to participate. Participation involves taking an online survey and optional interview over Zoom or Skype.

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